Important Information

All students will need to purchase a 1" three-ring binder or bring their current binder with them to lessons this summer!

Listening Assignments will require access to recordings of Mozart's works. YouTube, Amazon Music, iTunes, and Spotify are excellent resources for listening. Your local library may also be able to assist you in finding recordings. The "additional questions for advancing students," found in the Learning Assignments, will require some research. Online resources and your local library are excellent tools for finding this information. Always get the permission of an adult before starting your online search and remember that not all websites will provide information that is accurate!

Summer Performance Assignment

Every student is going to learn one composition by W.A. Mozart or an arrangement of one of his pieces! Andrew will work with everyone individually to choose a piece that can be learned and performed by the completion of the Summer Session. Pieces will be chosen no later than Week Two (the second lesson) of Summer Session.

Advancing students will learn various aspects of interpretation and expression with regard to Mozart's works. This may include discussion of tempo, phrasing, articulation, ornamentation, pedaling, dynamics, improvisation, as well as the "pianoforte" that Mozart would have written for.

Week #1: Gotta Get His Autograph!

Learning: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had a great sense of humor and loved making up nicknames for himself and others. In this assignment, students will discover how "Wolfie" came up with his nicknames and then create some of their own. Click here for the Week One learning assignment.

Listening: “Mozart’s Minuet” (Minuet in F major, K. 2)

Week #2: Wolfie Hits the Road

Learning: Wolfie, Nannerl, and their parents set out on a grand tour of Europe in 1763 when young Mozart was only seven years old. In this assignment, students will learn the names of some of the major cities that the Mozarts visited and performed in and will follow along the path of their 3-year-long journey. Click here for the Week Two learning assignment.

Listening: "A Simple Sonata" (Piano Sonata No. 16 in C major, K 545)

Week #3:

Week #4:

Week #5:

Week #6:

Bonus Assignment:

Contact Andrew if you have any questions or trouble accessing the assignments.